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What year were you born? *

What country were you born in? *

What is your gender? *

Which method of conception was used in your birth? *

What is your family arrangement? *

Did you grow up with any siblings who are donor conceived? *

At what age did you discover you are donor conceived? *

Which of the following statements best describes how you found out about your conception? *

When you first found out you are donor conceived, how did you feel?

How do you feel about being donor conceived today?

Have you found or connected with any donor siblings or your donor? *

Have you taken a DNA test? *

If you have taken a DNA test, what were you interested in learning more about?

Do you feel a stronger emotional connection to your biological parent than your non-biological parent?

Do you agree or disagree with the following statements:

I support the use of anonymous donor eggs or sperm to conceive a child. *

I support the use of non-anonymous/identifiable donor eggs or sperm to conceive a child. *

It is wrong for parents of donor conceived children to keep their child’s method of conception a secret from their child. *

The fact that I am donor conceived is a significant part of my identity. *

My donor is “half of who I am”. *

I often wonder what personality traits, skills, and/or physical similarities I share with my donor. *

All donors should be willing to be known to their offspring. *

There should be a set limit on how many offspring a single donor can produce. *

If you approve of a set limit on how many offspring a single donor can produce, how many is appropriate?

Sperm banks/clinics do not adequately understand or respect the emotional needs of donor conceived people. *

I wish I knew more about my ethnic background or family tree. *

I worry that my mother and/or father who raised me would feel angry, hurt, or threatened if I expressed an interest in learning more about my donor. *

I worry that I do not have a complete and/or accurate family health history. *

I worry that I might unknowingly enter into a romantic relationship with a relative. *

I would like to know how many donor siblings I have. *

I am open to forming a relationship with my: *

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